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Our mission at Taylor Made Visions LLC  is to  establish a sustainable "Seed and Venture Capital  Impact Investment Entity"  ENDOWED with not less  than $1.2 Billion to Fund the “Underserved Business  Enterprise Ecosystem” Startup Micro businesses,  small businesses with less than 25 employees as well  as high growth technology enterprises that in fact  enable struggling intelligent men and women of all  nations to build wealth and create jobs through  entrepreneurship and self-employment whereas  optimization of  the double bottom line strategic start  up business opportunities in our Kansas City Kansas  disadvantaged ethnic markets reaches its optimum  financial potential throughout the FEDERAL RESERVE  DISTRICT 10 member communities at Large.   
The Taylor Made Visions LLC., vision is to implement a  STRATEGIC SERAPHIMONIC IMPACT INVESTMENT  SOLUTION” interface that in fact enjoins the  disconnected aspects of the  Wyandotte County  Kansas City Kansas 66101 community’s “Underserved  Business Enterprise Ecosystem” by drilling up into  the GLOBAL CAPITAL MARKETS utilizing innovative  securitization investment instruments back by the full  faith and credit of the United States Government  to  accelerate the flow of capital to impact investments  from traditional and mainstream investors out of tens  of trillions in global capital to fund "START UP"  Promise Zone, Empowerment Zone residents  entrepreneurs and small business enterprise  investment activities to ensure that the “Underserved  Business Enterprise Ecosystem” industry among  investors , intermediaries and policy-makers reaches  its optimum financial potential.  The capital formation impact investment strategy that  we propose herein referred to as a  "HYBRID SMALL  BANK HOLDING COMPANY SEED AND VENTURE  CAPITAL STOCK"  shall enable the resident members  of the under-served low and moderate income  communities of Wyandotte County Kansas City  Kansas 66101  and similar community’s across our  nation to gain equal and unprecedented  access to the  capital and credit market Federal Reserve System  global financial instruments tool chest in which such  instruments shall be used and deployed for the  following purpose;  1. Raise not less than $1.2 Billion in private capital  from traditional and mainstream investors out of  tens of trillions in global capital to establish a  sustainable Minority Business Enterprise Seed  and Venture Capital Fund owned by an Ethnic  Minority SMALL BANK HOLDING COMPANY?  2. Innovative Secularization of a "HYBRID SMALL  BANK HOLDING COMPANY SEED AND VENTURE  CAPITAL STOCK" impact investment backed by  the full faith and credit of the United States  Government? 3. Acquire US Treasury Guarantee for a Fee  facilitated by the Federal Reserve System _  Partnership for Progress Program?  4. Connect the disconnected aspects of the    “Undeserved Business Enterprise Ecosystem”   required to accelerate the flow of capital to impact  investments from traditional and mainstream  investors and progress the industry among  investors, intermediaries and policy-makers to  ensure it reaches its full potential to capitalize  underfunded "START UP" PROMISE ZONE,  Empowerment Zone residents entrepreneurs and  small business enterprise investment activities!